Issue 7 - Fall 2013

  • Artist's Statement

    Distorted perception resulting from any number of reasons can cause us to be ill equipped or lacking the tools for rational interaction. Through this series of work, I have explored some of my own distortions and expounded on the distortions I see in others. With "Reluctant Angels,” “Far Away Eyes,” “Smile,” “Stare,” and “Distant Vessel," I tried to bring these distortions to the surface. “Reluctant Angels” and “Far Away Eyes” both deal with how we react to certain situations and how these reactions are dependent in part on our conditioning during childhood. "Smile" and “Stare” each target the inner struggle with misperceptions and outward expression. "Distant Vessel” represents a separation or division, whether real or imagined. My goal is to communicate the personal and cultural dynamics that condition how we view ourselves and how we view others as well as how our individual experiences condition our perceptions.

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